Nodejs & Front-end developer based in London, UK, currently working at tes.com (Times Educational Supplement). Having a Masters degree in E-commerce and about 8 years of professional experience.

Major skills includes Javascript (Nodejs, Expressjs, Mongodb, Mongoose, Reactjs, Passportjs, jQuery, jQuery UI, Prototype, Openlayers etc), CSS/3 (less/sass), HTML5. Agile project development. Creating responsive websites. Good knowledge of Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube APIs and auth modules.

Keen in learning and understanding different MVC frameworks, templating engines, CSS preprocessor to speed up development, cross-browser development, different unite testing libraries and now different task runners like gulp, grunt and yeoman.

Working knowledge of configuring and coding in backend technologies like PHP, .Net, Python and Java. Part of ot-crew and active helper on irc #jQuery channel with a nickname ‘Aamir’.

I am also very keen in learning and doing some experiments with new features in CSS3 and HTML5. Checkout my lab page.

Key skills:

  • OO Javascript, Nodejs, Expressjs, Mongodb, Mongoose, Reactjs, Passportjs, jQuery, jQuery UI, Openlayers, Prototype
  • XHTML, HTML4 and 5
  • Browsers (specially IE) compatibility issues
  • Twitter, Google Maps, Youtube APIs and Facebook SDK
  • Responsive layouts
  • Working knowledge of  PHP with Mysql, ASP.net with SQL Server and Google AppEngine
  • CSS3, Less & Sass, HTML5, MVC
  • GIT, SVN, MS Sourcesafe
  • Agile Scrum
  • Analytics
  • Accessibility
  • X-browser development


MSc E-commerce from University of South Wales UK 2006


You can often find me on #jquery / #-ot (irc.freenode.net) irc channel.

I am aamirafridi on twitter, github and Gmail.

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At jQuery conf 2012 with Addy Osmani and Paul Irish


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