jQuery-ui Scrollable tabs plugin

Updates October 27, 2011

Since this plugin doesn’t work with newer versions of jQuery UI, I am not supporting this anymore. Instead I decided to work on a newer and improved version which is half done with most of the features but still need to be improved.

Also one of my friend mekwall (a jQuery guru) :) has written an extension for jQuery-UI tabs for the same purpose which he named Jizmoz Tabs.


jQuery UI tabs is one of my favorite jquery plugin I use in most of my projects. It is so simple to use and it degrade gracefully. It has some very nice features and the events are really helpful.

However while I was working on a project where all the tabs contents are dynamic i.e user perform a search and than the results will be grouped up in tabs but the problem was that you never know how many tabs do you need as it can be just 1 or it can be 50+. The problem is that you should know the number of tabs so you can give a width to the wrapper so all tabs can fit in one row.

Unfortunately in my case I could not use it because I cannot give the wrapper a width of like 1000px for many tabs. If you give the wrapper a fixed width, the tabs will try to adjust it self in as many rows as it can to adjust all the tabs, something like this:

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